Luisa Tora

Title: Faith (1/1), from Faith, Hope and Charity series
Year: 2009
Dimensions: 594 x 840mm
Medium: Digital Print produced in partnership with Nicole Lim


Faith is the first installment in Tora’s Faith, Hope and Charity trilogy. The series is a response to the types of control currently being used on the Fiji population. Faith features Police Commissioner Esala Teleni. Rerevaka na Kalou ka doka na Tui from the Fiji coat of arms means “Fear the Lord and honour the Queen”.


Kadavu native, Luisa Tora has spent more time fighting for human rights in Fiji than she has writing or painting. Her proverbial art practice is an extension of her activism. Tora co-curated the Vasu: Pacific Women of Power exhibition in Fiji in 2008 and co-edited the accompanying publication.


Luisa Tora’s first short film, The Homecoming (2008)
A woman returns to Fiji seeking out the daughter she left behind, and finds a son. There’s more than one way to come home.

These Boots Were Made for Walking (1998) // Acrylic on builders paper // Private Collection

3 responses

8 10 2009

One of these days these boots are gonnnnnnnnna vaulk olova ya! Much love gorgeous. Congreatulations and my wettest sincerest best wishes my darling: haven’t been able to do this earlier – been to and back from Kent to bring back all my yayas! mwas and hope to see a brief with sum pix soon – you guys have fun sara!! xx m

14 02 2011
Talanoa with Luisa Tora : Diasporadic « Urban Viti

[…] one of the participants, Fijian born (now Auckland resident) activist, writer, artist and curator Luisa Tora. Kadavu native, Luisa Tora has spent more time fighting for human rights in Fiji than she has […]

23 09 2011
In the beginning, there was VASU… « diasporadic679

[…] Tautai Trust Samoan Tsunami Relief Auction. Luisa Tora’s collaborative work, Faith from the Faith, Hope and Charity series, was also sold. And Margaret Aull’s large-scale painting, For Fiji, Ever Fiji went on to be […]

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