Filani Macassey

Title: Not just another Elephant in the Room
Year: 2009
Medium: Acrylic on masi


Filani uses masi (Fijian barkcloth) as a recurring motif to further investigate conceptual elements of her art making. Ideas of belonging, tradition, story telling, journeying, histories and religion are signified as iconic symbols juxtaposed against a background of being kailoma.

Being kailoma gives the artist a certain freedom to explore possibilities. Masi has a strong traditional connection to the land and all aspects of indigenous Fijian life. I am not in a position to advocate tradition, so it is left for me to question and investigate possibilities.

‘Not just another Elephant in the Room’ may be seen as a statement on diversity. A metaphorical tug at the heart of all traditionalists.

It would give me a certain pleasure to witness a viewer scoff at this work. I imagine he would be an indigenous Fijian chief (or perhaps an ordinary person) irate with my audacity and ridiculous insignificance.


Lesu Mai III (2009) triptych // digitally printed masi [Fijian barkcloth], shown here in For Fiji, Ever Fiji at Fresh Gallery Otara (January/February 2009)



3 responses

13 01 2010
Paula Feather

Hi Filani.Am so impressed with your work.If you have a mailing list for your next exhibition i would love to be on it. Cheers from Paula Feather from Massey Contact who enrolled you!

23 01 2011
Kaye Wilkie

H Filani
Just googled your name and found this work – my god I am so impressed – what a star you turned out to be albeit very modest – great work

29 07 2011
Filani Macassey

lol!!! thank you ladies please do send me your email address so I can
post to you next time. I’m off to Zurich for a group exhibition in oct, so
working on this at the very moment and looking forward to it.
Hope this finds you both well and warm for winter 🙂



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