In solidarity…

9 10 2009

Dear Editor

On behalf of the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement, I congratulate the artists who are part of the “Fiji Times” exhibition. As an organisation that passionately upholds and promotes the rule of law, democracy and human rights, we believe that any space where women can come together to expose and voice their outrage at the current political, social and economic problems in Fiji – should be strongly encouraged and supported.

FWRM was a supporter of last year’s “Vasu – Women of Power” exhibition in Fiji so we know that art is and can be a vehicle for social, political and economic transformation. Unfortunately we cannot be there to be part of this important exhibition. However please know that we are there in solidarity. Thank you for being our voice!  We salute your courage and passion and wish you all the success.

Best wishes,

Virisila Buadromo

Executive Director
Fiji Women’s Rights Movement


This letter appears in the exhibition catalogue for the Fiji Times exhibition alongside letters from Dr Teresia Teaiwa, Seona Smiles and Matelita Ragogo. These letters of support and endorsement mean so much to us, vinaka vakalevu.

The letters can be read online HERE.




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